Real Style for Real Men

True men's style 
I don’t know about you, but I notice less and less often real masculine looks on the street. They are becoming the exception. Like this man in the photograph. Ruggedly handsome, so simply dressed, yet so elegant. And although I usually believe that bracelets shouldn’t find themselves among a man’s accessories, I don’t mind them here. It’s the very masculine look that makes it alright.

I personally have a hard time with the metrosexual look that seems to become the standard nowadays. I’m wondering how many girls have grown up dreaming to marry an effeminate guy? I’m not judging, but they are just not happening in my world. What’s happened to the iconic manly look of James Dean, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman? He’s groomed, but not overgroomed, eluding effortlessness and a clear-cut masculinity. Compared to all that, I have to admit it’s a little frightening when I notice the fervour men are starting to borrow from the women with. Am I the only one?

photo: The Sartorialist

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