Raw, Organic Shea Butter Instead of Lipstick

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I’ve been having a difficult relationship with beauty care products lately. It’s not a subject I have approached as often as I wish I had on my blog, mainly because a while ago I began a transition towards healthier products and the process has proved slower than I had expected. I’ve tried brands which didn’t raise up to their promises and names, and cosmetics which were not as pure and natural as they claimed to be.

But I am glad I have managed to find the perfect substitute for lipstick. Of course this doesn’t mean I’m saying no to lipstick forever, only until I find one void of harmful ingredients. Because, why not make a difference where we have the chance to do it? So, for now, my secret for velvety and hydrated lips is organic, raw shea butter. I’ve been using it for months and I couldn’t be happier with it and its beneficial properties. The even better news is that the shea butter is not only good for your lips, but it’s a complex beauty product and in depth nourisher of the skin. You can use it for other delicate parts of your face, it regenerates the skin, accelerates scar healing, prevents lines and calms rash skin, protects against UVA and UVB rays, and works perfectly as body butter, too, just to name a few of its advantages. The shea tree is also called the tree of life or the tree of youth in Africa and the shea butter is said to be one of the best partners for our skin, organism and health.

I personally use the brand Mayam, a Romanian brand specialized in raw, organic cosmetic ingredients and products. It doesn’t ship worldwide unfortunately, but to be honest, a smaller scale brand makes me trust it more. The shea butter comes in a 100g recipient, but I like to use a smaller one to be able to have it on me all the time. Do you have any tips on clean, healthy cosmetics?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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