Preparing for a heartmade Christmas

It’s almost December. The most wonderful time of the year. What I like most about it is the weeks leading up to Christmas day and I try to get organised in time so that I can fully enjoy each day and the little things, which is truly what makes this month so special, without the stress of doing everything on the run or last minute shopping. So I’ve thought of a few guidelines of how to be prepared for a heartmade Christmas in the lead up to my favourite holiday. Feel free to add your own suggestions.

First of all, have you bought your Christmas greeting cards? Write them by hand (or you can even make them entirely by yourself): it’s enough to show that you care. Mulberry Muse has some of my favourite Christmas cards and gift tags. Subsequently, make sure to pack a basket with wrapping paper, gift tags, ribbons, pens and scissors so you have everything at hand when you begin to wrap presents. Keep in mind the ‘thank you’ notes too: a kind gesture to show your appreciation for a present. You can win a beautiful hand-printed thank you set by entering this Besotted Brand giveaway.

Homemade sweets beautifully packed make one of the most thoughtful gifts. Everyone will appreciate them. Plus, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have homemade goodies (gingerbread cookies is the first thing that comes into my mind) in your home everyday for everyone in the house and guests to enjoy? Maybe you don’t do this as often as you’d like, although we have all become aware of the benefits of healthy eating, and there’s no better month than December to get into this habit.

Homemade jam or tea bags filled with plants you yourself have picked and dried go a long way too. They can be meant for those who are not on the list to buy gifts for or for those who can drop by unexpectedly. Plus, a personalised bouquet of flowers/a bottle of good wine offered with any of the aforementioned couldn’t be more perfect for your business partners. You should also start thinking up the Christmas menu too, so gather your cooking books and make notes.

If you are like me, and buy part of the gifts online, especially books and films (thank you, Amazon), you should already order them to make sure they arrive or reach their recipients in time. As for the other presents, you know best what your loved ones wish for, but I’d like to suggest one thing: visit the local, artisan shops (for unique small leather goods for example) in your area: it’s a wonderful idea for everyone on your list and especially for those who have everything.

Stock up with classic Christmas films: spread them out and enjoy them throughout December. Of course you don’t have to watch only Christmas movies, maybe you want to enjoy your favourite films again (I don’t know why, but I love re-watching The Thin Man series this time of year) or you can check our entire list of recommendations here. To be enjoyed by scented candlelight and with a cup of jasmine tea (I had an incredible jasmine tea at a Chinese restaurant here in Bucharest and although I keep trying to make it at home, it simply isn’t that good. Update: I have found a great jasmine tea at Cărtureşti).

As soon as December kicks in, I like to deck the house (except for the Christmas tree, which we usually decorate a week before Christmas) to get into the holiday spirit. I like to keep it simple and natural as much as possible: a wreath here and there or a basket of pine cones is all you need for an elegant and warm look.

It may already be too late, but you may still find tickets to that special show you don’t want to miss in December: a ballet, a concert, a play or simply bookmark in the calender the day a film you are looking forward to launches in cinemas and make time to go see it.

Have a wonderful week and get ready to wholeheartedly enjoy December!

For a touch of class and in the spirit of Christmas, all the products in the images selected are hand-made.
photos: 1 (edited by me),2-letter press and laser-cut handmade paper thank you cards, a fine press / 3-Sharyn Cairns, styling by Lauren Camilleri, home life / 4,5-home life, styling by Claire Delmar / 6-1hundred project, via Lovely Package / 6-“The Thin Man” custom show cards, Behance

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