Play It Again, Sam

Jesse Kamm trench SS 2017 
Spring. Sun. Trench. Style reloaded. Repeat. It happens every single year. When March arrives, one of the first things that spring into my mind is: “Trench weather, finally!”. And you have to be quick to enjoy it while it lasts, because summer will catch you by surprise before you start to feel like yourself again wearing proper clothes after a long and cold winter (and before the blazing temperatures of summer hit and make you forget about style again).

So I am committed to make the most of it and wear my trench coat everywhere. “Never leave the house without it”, says designer Jesse Kamm (the piece in the image is from her spring collection). I rarely do in spring. I wear it to the park, to the film, to a meeting, to the plane, on a road trip, to a tennis match, on a countryside dirt road. You name it, I’ve done it. Too dressed up does not exist when it comes to this versatile and timeless item. There are so many ways to play it down. And you can count on the trench to always play the right card for you.

About Jesse Kamm, I have previously written about her, and, in the meantime, I have come to appreciate her and her work even more than before (for example, the only social network she’s on is Instagram, and that counts for a lot in my book). Not only does she live by her own rules and strong values, but she runs a sincerely admirable company from start to finish – and she does it all by herself (from sales, to delivery, to PR) from her home studio in California, refusing to collaborate with fast fashion chains. Made in California, supporting local manufacturing, using high-quality, well-constructed textiles like modal, American-grown cotton or deadstock fabric whenever she can. Jesse’s philosophy is that business should be of a specific size and scale — bigger isn’t better. But when it comes to style, the scale goes considerably up for the brand Jesse Kamm.

photo: Jesse Kamm

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