Photography by Christophe Jacrot

christophe jacrot photography-1

Each one of these photographs would deserve to stand alone, in separate Capturing beauty posts, but I decided to include them all here. I like this romantic narration, because snow, unlike rain, always has this effect on me. The falling snow somehow blocks out the rest of the world and you become aware of your own unique place in it.

Photographer Christophe Jacrot says he sees rain, snow and bad weather “as a fabulous ground for photography, an under-used visual universe with a strong evocative power, and with a richness of subtle lights. This universe escapes most of us, since we are too occupied getting undercover. Man becomes a ghostly silhouette wandering and obeying the hazards of rain or of snow, into the eternity of the climate …”

christophe jacrot photography (2)

christophe jacrot photography-3christophe jacrot photography-4

christophe jacrot photography-2

christophe jacrot photography-5

photos: Christophe Jacrot

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