The Enduring White T-shirt

It brings out your personality, because you can make it your own. It has the simplicity of those understated things that bring so much significance to the everyday. It looks at home paired with blue jeans, but, really, its appeal remains timeless even when sported with a tuxedo. The endurance of the white t-shirt is rooted deep into the modern culture, with extended associations in film, as I always like to point out when it comes to so many elements of style. Coming across these two images from the film world, from the 60’s (Romy Schneider, to the left) and the 70’s (Catherine Deneuve to the right), I am reminded that the white t-shirt is always relevant and how good it has always looked.

photo by me from the book FashionBox: The Immortal Icons of Style / left: Keystone-France (Romy Schneider in Les choses de la vie, 1969); right: Picot/Gamma/Ryedea (Catherine Deneuve in Bahamas, 1975)

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Denim Wardrobe

Carolyn Murphy for The Edit 
A while ago we talked about the perfect pair of jeans with two denim experts, but there are other denim pieces that are just as much of a staple. A jacket, a shirt or a pair of shorts. They are all part of the modern wardrobe, as denim can easily count as a classic base around which everything else in your closet revolves. And how about double denim? Something I would have categorically ruled out a little while ago never seemed to look better when done right: preferably (but not necessarily if we notice Carolyn Murphy’s denim tuxedo approaches here) when the two pieces are in different washes.
Carolyn Murphy for The Edit

Carolyn Murphy for The Edit

All denim look

photos: Emma Tempest for The Edit, Carolyn Murphy styled by Morgan Pilcher

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Hey, Baby!

Hey baby 
Hello, everyone! It’s time to get a little personal as I have the most wonderful news to share with you today. A little over a month ago I became a mother. We are now the happy parents of a healthy and beautiful baby boy. My life has completely changed (I get it now, you really don’t know what it’s like until you’ve lived it yourself), and, except for the severe lack of sleep, which, I admit, occasionally makes me act a little crazy and look not my very best self, it’s been incredible to get to know our son. Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know by now that I like to keep my private life private, which is why I chose not to break the news about my pregnancy (which was, in great part, a smooth one) on my blog. But now that I have a newborn in my life, there will be certain changes here on Classiq, at least for a while, mainly translating into more sporadic posts. So thank you in advance for your understanding while we are settling into a family of three.

photo by me

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Polo and Tennis

Lacoste for J Crew polo t-shirt 
It’s the Roland Garros and I do take great pleasure in connecting fashion with many other aspects of life and my interests in general, so here is a nod to my favourite sport. That is not to say, however, that I see the polo t-shirt as purely associated with the tennis court or with sporty looks. Quite the contrary. I love this up-graded take on the classic piece when paired with another classic, the white blazer. With high heels on, of course, to ensure the perfect balancing act.

photo: J. Crew

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Classiq for The Big Picture Magazine

Classiq for The Big Picture magazine  
The Big Picture is the visually dynamic film magazine that goes beyond the borders of the screen to reveal cinema’s unique power to entertain, inspire and connect to each and every one of us. I am happy to be joining their team of dedicated writers, designers and film enthusiasts, or what I can describe as a great creative environment, where I will co-publish my Style in Film articles.

collage by me, images, clockwise, from top left: film still, Leave Her to Heaven / Eve Arnold, on the set of The Misfits / film still, To Catch A Thief / film still, Rear Window / publicity still, Three Days of the Condor

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