The Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarf

The two blanket scarves in my wardrobe are probably among the very few things that will make me miss winter once it’s over. But I am pretty sure that temperatures will not skyrocket with the arrival of March, so the idea of transitioning this piece of clothing from cold weather to spring style and wearing it as a jacket is among the most appealing at the moment.

photo: Tommy Ton for

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The Imitation Game

The imitation game 
My last movie talk before the Oscars (although I will be covering a few more aspects on the subject before Sunday) is about The Imitation Game. It’s a very good World War II thriller about a stellar team of British cryptanalysts who cracked Nazi Germany’s cipher machine Enigma. Brilliant, but troubled Alan Turing (played to perfection by Benedict Cumberbatch) is the film’s central hero who invents the revolutionary machine that not only brought victory to the Allies, but also gave birth to the computer age – it’s incredible to realise what impact his discovery has had on all our lives. His pioneering work was just as extraordinary as his personal life was sad, being convicted for being a homosexual in a time when it was considered a crime. Keira Knightley is the perfect match for Turing as his co-worker Joan Clarke, the only female involved in deciphering Enigma and who is his equal (back when it was considered “indecorous” for a single woman to work alongside men) and at least just as bright as Turing. I’m not forgetting Mark Strong either, who is terrific as Major General Stewart Menzies, and the entire cast is, in fact, very well chosen.

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Spring 2015 Trends I Can Work: Military Pockets

Spring 2015 trends I can work-Military pockets-Jason Wu Spring 2015 
The military influence in fashion is something I have documented on my blog quiet often. But for spring I am focusing on one particular detail: the military patch pockets, preferably decorating a smart dress, like the Jason Wu one above, or festooning a more practical piece which is, in turn, teamed up with something more elegant. I like this high/low approach so much more than, let’s say, a parka-skinny jeans ensemble.
Ralph Lauren Spring 2015-2 Ralph Lauren Spring 203
.Something casual, something elegant. It doesn’t go wrong. It’s what Ralph Lauren does best. He practically invented the concept.
Ralph Lauren Spring 2015 Victoria Beckham Spring 2015
.The utilitarian dress. One that comes more in the form of a city uniform (practical yet rendering a cool precision and easy elegance) than a dress strictly addressed to a leisurely time or safari adventure.
Acne Studios Spring 2015
.There were also more laid-back variations of the aforementioned utilitarian dresses, but still aiming for a more elevated feel when partnered with high heels and crisp white collar or a skinny scarf.
photos: 1-Jason Wu SS 2015 / 2,3,4-Ralph Lauren SS 2015 / 5-Victoria Beckham SS 2015 / 6-No. 21 SS 2015 / 7-Acne Studios SS 2015, all images via / click on photos to enlarge

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Watch Me, by Anjelica Huston

Watch Me by Anjelica Huston 
Written with the same reckless sincerity and understatement as A Story Lately Told, Anjelica Huston’s second part of her autobiography, Watch Me, depicts her California life and Hollywood years, from 1973, when she was 21, to the present. There was a long and rough journey from an aspiring, insecure actress in her twenties, to the reassuring one that she is now. And it is told by a real and honest heart, by someone who is very frank about her bad decisions and humiliations, but who doesn’t dwell on them, always showing true grit and never pitting herself.

She may have had a privileged start in life, but she didn’t take this for granted and had to fight her way up. Being John Huston’s daughter and Jack Nicholson’s on-off lover for 17 years, she was made to feel lucky when she landed a part. “We’d like nothing better than to see her dropped from the film. She has no talent. Her boyfriend is the star and her father is the director, that’s the only reason we are even having this conversation”, a producer of Prizzi’s Honor told her agent when she was cast in the role for the film. It must have been very satisfying, and rightfully so, for Anjelica to win the Oscar for best supporting actress, the only one of the total number of eight the movie was nominated for, including Jack Nicholson for best actor and John Huston for directing – my favourite kind of story.

From the matter-of-fact portrait of her relationship with a philandering Jack Nicholson (they have remained friends to this day and he gave her his consent to write about him) and the realistic recount of her far from easy fight for self-affirmation, to the moving depiction of her husband, Robert Graham, whom she was married to from 1993 until his death, in 2008, this is an affecting, candid, uplifting, well balanced memoir.

photo by me | picture from the book by David Bailey, June 1988

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Martin Grant Pre-Fall 2015

Martin Grant Pre-Fall 2015-3 
Fashion Month has just started, but today I’m having a look at one of my favourite pre-fall collections, one that would be very relevant come spring as well. The Australian-born, Paris-based designer Martin Grant presented a beautiful line of classic and appealing shapes in hushed tones, like full skirts or palazzo pants paired with body-conscious turtlenecks that alternated with more streamlined silhouettes, a modern jumpsuit and a navy coloured, long-sleeved and mid-length (a detail that will continue to go strong for the next seasons it appears) fluid dress, cut just in the right places. It felt fresh and timeless.
Martin Grant Pre-Fall 2015-1

Martin Grant Pre-Fall 2015  Martin Grant Pre-Fall 2015-2




I like the cinched silhouette, whether in the form of a contrasting animal print belt or especially an obi-style one, such a subtle yet effective detail to take a look up a notch.

Martin Grant Pre-Fall 2015-6

photos: / Martin Grant Pre-Fall 2015

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