An oasis of serenity near Bucharest

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace

A few weeks ago one of my readers, from France, who is planning to visit Romania, sent me an email to ask me about places to see in Bucharest and Transylvania. I happily wrote her a detailed list with my heartfelt recommendations and I thought I should transform one of my suggestions into a blog post and share it with my other readers as well. I know there are many of you who enjoy these insights.

Classiq_Mogosoaia Palace

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 6Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 7
Mogoșoaia Palace is situated about ten kilometers from Bucharest. It was built between 1698-1702 by Constantin Brâncoveanu in what is called the Romanian Renaissance style or Brâncovenesc style. Situated by a lake (as palaces built during the Brâncoveanu epoque usually were), the palace grounds and gardens are an oasis of serenity.

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 8

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 10

Walking the beautiful, vast domain, or simply lying in the grass and enjoying the view will fill you with a calming energy and you will feel like you have stepped in a different time. Drinks at the restaurant are required, too, to take in the atmosphere and to freshen up, especially if you are visiting in summer. Mogoșoaia Palace is a popular touristic destination and the place becomes crowded during weekends, when they sometimes organize picnics on the premises, so I would suggest a visit during the week days, if you want to capture its true, unique ambiance.

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 1

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 2Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 3

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 11

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 13Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 14

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 9

Classiq-Mogosoaia Palace 15

photos by me

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Style note: the navy blazer

Maryna Linchuk navy blazeremmanuelle alt-the sartorialist

balmain navy blazer

style heroine-balmain navy blazer

The navy blazer, an anchor for a great look, regardless of what you pair it with. Its versatility and tailored refinement make it an essential in every woman’s wardrobe. I, for one, love a classic navy blazer with notched lapels and brass buttons, elements that nod to its menswear nautical heritage. But maybe you would like to eschew the traditional design in favour of another variation of this timeless item. Either way, the navy blazer will always covey a sense of ease and luxury to any outfit, adding unexpected structure to a summery dress or lending a masculine feel to a floral pencil skirt look. One other reason why I love it, especially now that autumn is fast approaching, is that it’s a great transitional piece. The shift between seasons can be difficult to handle wardrobe-wise, but you’ll certainly not forgo style if you go for the navy blazer.

nautical and floral-9to5chic

Elisa Nalinnavy blazer-1

miroslava duma at couture week by tommy ton
J Crew - navy blazerIn case you are interested, here are a few suggestions:

J. Crew, made of wool, for a preppy-style look
Massimo Dutti, made of wool, an elegant addition for fall
Zara, made of cotton, simple single buttoned, perfect for jeans
Iris & Ink, made of cotton, for a beautiful tailored cut
Or, Stella McCartney, made of wool, if you want to splurge on a navy blazer of refined finesse
photos: 1-Stockholm Streetstyle / 2-The Sartorialist / 3,4-Style Heroine / 5-9to5 Chic / 6-Street Style Aesthetic / 7-Peony Lim / 8-Tommy Ton / 9-J. Crew

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Miss Julie starring Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer by Kayt Jones for Vs magazine 4

Today I feel inspired by the beautiful styling in this story photographed by Kayt Jones for Vs. magazine, especially the equestrian looks, including the black dress accessorised with the leather corset. I think the film Miss Julie (1951), directed by Alf Sjöberg, served as inspiration for this editorial. There were a few screen adaptations of the 19th century renowned play, dealing with love, lust, the battle of the sexes and classes, but I’ve only seen the Swedish version and I doubt that the other films rise up to it. Anyway, isn’t Claudia Schiffer stunning in her role as Miss Julie?

Claudia Schiffer by Kayt Jones for Vs magazine 6Claudia Schiffer by Kayt Jones for Vs magazine 2Claudia Schiffer by Kayt Jones for Vs magazine 5Claudia Schiffer by Kayt Jones for Vs magazine 1

Claudia Schiffer by Kayt Jones for Vs magazine

photos: Kayt Jones for Vs. magazine, Spring/Summer 2010 | Claudia Schiffer styled by Karl Plewka

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A Ship Bound for India

by guest writer

A Ship Bound for India-1947

A Ship Bound for India (Skepp till India land, 1947) is part of Ingmar Bergman’s beginning in the world of movies. What stroke me the most when seeing the film was the director’s unmistakable touch and vision. It is of great comfort to see how one of the finest directors of all times developed and established his cornerstone in the cinema world. A Ship Bound For India is his third feature and, in my opinion, one of his most enduring and best works. The story unfolds as a sailor, Johannes Blom (Birger Malmsten), returns home after a long absence to visit the woman, Sally (Gertrud Fridh), he has dreamt about since his leaving a few years back. As Alexander enters the apartment where Sally resides, an entire history opens before our eyes in one of the most beautiful flashbacks seen in the movie history. This is how we begin to discover the complex characters and how Johannes and Sally met. The feeling of deception is powerfully represented by Johannes’ father, Kapten Alexander (Holger Löwenadler), throughout the whole flashback sequence. A love triangle is slowly built, one that will have some unexpected twists.

Unusually constructed for that period, A Ship Bound for India impresses with its crisp, impeccable black and white cinematography of Göran Strindberg. As it happens in all Bergman’s movies, you will be seduced by the Swedish landscapes and the natural play of his cast, which I think is not to be measured with anything.

photo: still from the film | credit: Sveriges Folkbiografer

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Notebook pages

Here are my latest finds and news from style, fashion, film, photography, design and beautiful living.

aurore-de-la-morinerie-illustrationAurore de la Morinerie fashion illustration 1


Aurore de la Morinerie fashion illustration

French illustrator Aurore de la Morinerie. Regularly illustrating for Le Monde, Elle, World of Interiors, Aurore is also working for many prestigious fashion houses like Hermès and Issey Miyake. Her techniques include ink and wash painting, as well as etching press for monotypes. You don’t have to explain why you love a certain art piece, but I will say that it’s her minimalist style and her use of colour that have made me a fan of her entire work.

Aurore de la Morinerie

Classiq-Aurore de la Morinerie

Aurore de la Morinerie illustration 1

Aurore de la Morinerie 2

Aurore de la Morinerie-Prada

• Mary Jo Matsumoto has just launched her Scandalous Lover handbag line for fall. It’s a luscious collection!
• To be ordered soon: C.Z. Guest: American Style Icon, by Susanna Salk: a book celebrating the elegance and flair of style icon C.Z. Guest, a true tastemaker known for her classic, understated American look, who continues to influence fashion today.
• The Lives of Lee Miller is yet another book that promises to be an interesting read: the work and life of Lee Miller, model, leading Surrealist photographer and war correspondent during World War II, as compiled by her son, Antony Penrose 
• And since we are talking books again, here are fourteen creative solutins for book display
• I’m thinking to go to see Elysium solely for Jodie Foster’s costumes, designed by Giorgio Armani
• Inside the World of Vivien Leigh, on show at Victoria & Albert Museum, opening this autumn
• Photography: Nick Leary’s Celebrate Australia collection pays homage to the photographer’s love for his homeland
• Gotta love Prada’s Fall campaign starring Cristoph Waltz
• A stunning view overlooking Salt Creek Beach, California, that’s frame-worth
• This squash blossom pizza will be the newest addition to my home-made vegetarian pizza repertoire

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

photos: Aurore de la Morinerie and Agent and Artists, discovered via Cashmere Lover

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