Out of Africa (1985)

by guest writer

Out of Africa opens this month dedicated to the American director Sydney Pollack. It is no wonder that the film won the Oscar for Best Picture (and six other awards) under his direction and with the perfect cinematography signed by David Watki and musical score composed by John Barry. The screenplay was written by adapting three literary sources: Karen Blixen’s “Out of Africa”, Judith Thurman’s “Isak Dinesen: The Life of a Story Teller” and Errol Trzebinksi’s “Silence Will Speak”. Another top notch ingredient of the movie are the two main characters, Karen (Meryl Streep) and Denys (Robert Redford).

One gets the impression that the main inspiration for Out of Africa were David Lean’s epics. It is true, due to its presentation of the wide natural surroundings in which the action takes place and because of the documentary feeling as well. The focus of the movie is the love story between Karen and Denys, although the film’s plot progresses through the First World War. Full of subtle eroticism, Out of Africa succeeds in conveying the intimacy between the characters by using seemingly innocent moments filmed in a manner that makes the audience believe in the bond between the two.

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