Oscars 2013


I can’t miss the opportunity of talking about the Oscars, although I know it’s all you’ve been reading online these days. And the first thing I must talk about is Daniel Day-Lewis winning the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role for the third time! Congratulations! No other actor has ever succeeded this performance. I am still overwhelmed by his performance in Lincoln and I can not wait to see the film again.


I always look forward to the Oscars (it’s my favourite night of the year), not because I believe they truly nominate and award the best performances and films (they’ve once again proved they don’t), but because I like seeing some of my favourite actors and actresses and filmmakers all gathered together, smiling and dressed up, some I haven’t seen in movies for a long time, and if someone like Jack Nicholson makes an appearance on stage, then I’m happy. However, there were many good films last year and I had my expectations and I can’t help being very disappointed with some of the Academy’s choices.

I was happy that Argo won for Best Picture. And when Ben Affleck went on stage to accept the award along with the other producers, he was so overwhelmed: this was not only a Best Picture Oscar, it was a Best Director Oscar too. His team made sure he knew that. I know that too. The film is nominated for Best Picture, but the director is left out from the Best Director category. How can you split these two? They are so closely related. You can’t get a good movie without a good director. It’s incomprehensible. Instead, you overlook yet another great direction, Steven Spielberg for Lincoln, and award the same movie for Direction, Cinematography and Visual Effects (read: directing and cinematography simply don’t go hand in hand with special effects, I’m old-fashioned, I associate filmmaking with craftsmanship). There is something seriously wrong in this. As for the other awards, I was 100% sure that Christoph Waltz would win for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. There was no other way. But when it comes to the actresses, that’s a different story. Anne Hathaway didn’t impress me that much in Les Misérables, and her being so sure of her performance and her career right now doesn’t make her any more likeable in my eyes. Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Lining Playbook? She gave a good performance, but Oscar-winning? No. As I haven’t yet seen Zero Dark Thirty, my first choices would have been Emmannuelle Riva for Amour and Naomi Watts for The Impossible.

Overall, I was underwhelmed by the show, and I’m not going to talk much about the Red Carpet either: I had two favourites: Naomi Watts in Armani Privé and Jessica Chastain also in Armani Privé. I also liked Jennifer Garner in Gucci Premiere and Amy Adams in her Oscar de la Renta dress she wore to the Vanity Fair Party. Any impressions you’d care to share?

photo: 1-The Sun, 2-still form the movie, production credit

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