Old Habits Die Hard

White t-shirt and blue jeans 
My style revolution didn’t last too long. I’m back to jeans, t-shirts and shirts. The Big Three. I have always preferred evolution anyway. But, to my defense, here is, once again, why this good old match is and always will be the most classic, timeless and cool.

The jeans
The slogan: Life. Drive it like you stole it.
Because some, including myself, see them as a way of life. Sincere, authentic, non-conformist.

The white t-shirt
The slogan: It never lies.
A metaphor for individual identity.

The white shirt
The slogan: Write your own story.
Completely universal yet unencumbered with stereotypes, part of a uniform yet a symbol of freedom. A blank canvas that can help you draw your own rules and values.

PS: The best gathering of endless variations of my all-time-favourite look is to be found here. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Yet brand new every single time.
White t-shirt and blue jeans 
White t-shirt and jeans

Jeans and white shirt 
White shirt and jeans

White shirt and jeans
photos: We The People

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