NYFW Spring 2013: a few favourites

The New York Fashion Week is already wrapped up. Although there are collections I instantly like, it usually takes a while to form a definitive impression over others and I might have the surprise of rediscovering a collection through complete different eyes at some point in the future, most probably when the appropriate season kicks in. So who were your favourites? Here are mine.

Alexander Wang. A unitary, strong collection. Sharp, structured lines, a minimalist, sporty approach that has become synonym with the designer. Black and white was a big trend at NYFW and is a constant at Alexander Wang, accompanied here by a few notes of silver, grey and beige. The amazing graphic effect given by the cut-out details was the edgy element that made this the kind of fashion-forward collection I like.

Victoria Beckham is steadily growing in my eyes as a designer. I’ve silently watched her until now, not rushing into expressing my thoughts over her work. But her Spring 2013 collection confirms her as a name to be taken into consideration in the fashion world. A very well defined collection with clean lines, including her characteristic sheath dresses, lovely mini dresses and chic separates. The minimalist style and solid colours were well balanced with the lace insertions, transparent fabrics and lingerie details (that nicely played down her signature body-conscious dresses) seen throughout the collection.

Donna Karan. I can easily see myself living in all the dresses in this collection next spring. Romantic and feminine, beautifully constructed (I love the loose-fitting silhouettes), a floating loveliness in soft shades like blush pink, pearly grey and seafoam.

Carolina Herrera. I can’t say I liked the collection as a whole, but rather a few pieces or elements, like the rounded plunging neckline and graphic pattern on the dress below, the little white ensemble – short skirt and blouse (a nod to the ’60s which was not singular at NYFW) and the white evening dress – of a Carolina Herrera refinement.

Ralph Lauren. It was the show I was looking forward to the most, but not quite what I had expected. I do have a favourite though. This, at least, is perfect.

And la pièce de résistance, the most beautiful gown at NYFW was, in my opinion, this Oscar de la Renta dress. I do love an evening dress (striped nonetheless) with pockets. And the black roses statement necklace and bracelet impeccably adorn the look.

Whatever your plans are, I wish you a wonderful weekend!

photos: 1,4-Alexander Wang: The Sartorialist / 2,3-Alexander Wang: Monica Feudi for Vogue.com / 5-7-Victoria Beckham: Marcus Tondo for Vogue.com / 8-11-Donna Karan: Yannis Vlamos for Vogue.com / 12-14-Carolina Hererra: Filippo Fior for Vogue.com / 15-Ralph Lauren: Monica Feudi for Vogue.com / 16-Oscar de la Renta: Filippo Fior for Vogue.com

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