Notebook Pages & Happy Easter!

David Fuller photography 
Easter is such a wonderful holiday to celebrate Spring, don’t you think so? Although the date varies every year, there always seems to be a burst of green on Easter morning, which is why spending the day in nature has almost become a tradition (although I doubt it the weather will permit it this year). This I think originates in my childhood, when Easter was always spent in the countryside, where people would gather for a picnic on the grass in the church yard. That custom is lost unfortunately, but some of my fondest childhood memories are from those days. I will be spending a few quiet days with my family, so I’m wishing you Happy Easter and I’m leaving you with my latest finds and news from style, fashion, film, photography and beautiful living.

• This week’s New Film recommendation: Blood Ties, directed by Guillaume Canet. Set in 1970s New York City, the movie shows an incredible attention to details: the wardrobe, the music, the atmosphere – if I didn’t know it was released in 2014 I would say it was made four decades ago. Marion Cotillard, Clive Owen, James Caan and Billy Crudup star, and even if the plot is not the most original one, it succeded to draw me in, and the ending gave me the satisfaction I expect of this kind of story.
• I’m already curious about Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest film, by acclaimed Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu. I like it when directors challenge actors to do different roles.
• The first Arthur Elgort comprehensive book, The Big Picture, spanning the photographer’s five-decade career, will be out in May.
• I enjoyed reading Manolo Blahnik’s marvelous stories. Diana Vreeland was the seminal woman in his life, he is a classic film buff (I knew that and I like it that he always reminds us) and he says that “I am not so intellectual but I am very curious.” I think you’ll enjoy the article, too.
• During one of my favourite past-times, visiting the book shops, I came across yet another amazing photography book, by Gianni Giansanti, which has found its way to the very top of my very long wish-list.
• I could easily find a place in our recently remodelled living-room for this beautiful art piece.

photo: David Fuller

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