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This past weekend I visited my parents and we took a one-day trip up North of my hometown. We stopped for coffee and refreshments at this beautiful place, called Maldăr Manor (Horezu, Romania), and all I can say is that I am planning to go back for an entire weekend.
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• My film recommendation this week: Abre los ojos (Open Your Eyes, 1997), directed by Alejandro Amenábar. What is dream? What is reality? What is fantasy? The line between reality and dream becomes very blurry in this puzzling and gripping story about good looking César (Eduardo Noriega), who, after a car accident, loses everything he values. This is the original Vanilla Sky, and it is needless to compare the two.
• Christy Turlington Burns talks posing in her Calvins at 44, beauty and family life.
• More beauty and body tips, this time from “The Body” herself, Elle Macpherson.
This look makes me want to wear more white on white.
• If you happen to be in Rome this summer: the Frida Kahlo exhibition, bringing together the artist’s works from the most important public and private collections in Mexico, Europe and the United States.
• This beautiful photo by Andrew Jacona.
• Q&A with Tom Ford:
“I’ve probably only recently begun really adjusting to today’s world. It’s horrible. What is expected of fashion designers today is unsustainable. […] No one is anything except exhausted and pressured in the fashion world. You don’t have a moment to reflect, with four collections a year for men, four for women, all these mini collections all the time. And the fact that Cruise is now shown with these giant productions means it’s no longer what it was supposed to be, which was clothes that were maybe not strong enough to show but were your real bread and butter, the clothes that women wanted to wear.”

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