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Miri Mara Ceramics showroom 
There is something about the harmony between a beautiful atelier/showroom and the products that stem from there that I find very inspiring. No matter how high quality the product, I appreciate it even more when it is beautifully displayed and/or beautifully packaged. And this Miri Mara Ceramics showroom is right up my alley and what has drawn my attention to these ceramics made in Carpinteria, California. Fatmir Mara is the creative mind behind the brand and here you can find out more about the fashion designer who has turned to the decorative art, sketching pieces and hand-building.
Miri Mara Ceramics showroom-1Miri Mara ceramics showroom-2 

• My film recommendation this week: Le passé (The Past, 2013), directed by Asghar Farhadi. A skifully built drama about people torn between their past and the lives they want to make for themselves. All the actors are very well chosen and Bérénice Bejo won the Best Actress Prize at Cannes last year for her role.
• Salvatore Ferragamo gives back to the city of Florence by contributing to renovating part of the Uffizi Gallery. “We wanted to do something that would improve the city, to contribute to the Uffizi and Florence, and we were looking for a project that would be long lasting.”
• A talk with Eva Green, a true modern classic. “The work should speak for itself, but I know it doesn’t work like that,” she says about the fact that she hates doing interviews. Love her grace and elegance. She’s a class apart.
• If you are looking for all-natural beauty products: olive oil soaps.
• A maxi, breezy dress for summer.
• For the home: a lovely decoration idea for the kitchen, a bright and inviting corner filled with natural light & a simple and chic niche by the door.

photos: C Magazine

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