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Andrew Wyeth-The Pikes 1965Classiq-April Blooms 
Classiq-April Blooms-1 
Looking Out, Looking In is the name of the Andrew Wyeth exhibition at Washington DC’s National Gallery of Art, running from May 4th to November 30th, that will showcase around 60 works selected from more than 300 that feature windows as their primary subject. I love Wyeth’s paintings (and I was glad to find out more details about his work – follow the link above) and I find the theme very interesting. I wouldn’t miss it if I had the chance to see it.
Classiq-April Blooms-3

Andrew Wyeth-Rod and Reel 1975

Classiq-April Blooms-2 
• This week’s new film: it’s actually a collection, Krzysztof Kieślowski’s The Three Colours Trilogy. Blue is the anti-tragedy, White is the anti-comedy and Red is the anti-romance. The titles come from the colours of the French flag, symbolizing liberty, equality and fraternity. Kieślowski’s movies usually reflect a moralist view of human nature, but he doesn’t preach the lesson, and there is always a thread of humour in his films, just like in Bergman’s, no matter how dramatic they appear on the surface.
• It’s Fashion Revolution Day today. What does the label of the clothes you’re wearing today say? Mine says Oana Manolescu (Romanian designer), hand made (locally made, of course).
• A book worth looking into: How To Change the World with Your Wardrobe, by Greta Eagan.
• A talk with Penny Martin, The Gentlewoman editor-in-chief: “For me, the future is going to be about in-person transactions and real conversations, skills and sharing in real spaces, rather than the cabaret of the nameless we’ve witnessed over the past decade.”
• This has been my spring uniform of late.
• A lesson in beautiful living: a vintage weekend.

photos: 2,3,4,6-by me (click on images to enlarge)/ 1,5: Mr. Porter, Andrew Wyeth paintings | 1-The Pikes, 1965 | 5-Rod and Reel, 1975

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