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The serene, simple and elegant photography of Zoë Ghertner makes it almost impossible for me to stop staring at her works. Light and shadow play such an important play in her photography and she rarely uses anything else but a plain background to capture stunning images. Zoë’s distinctive photographic style has graced campaigns for brands such as Céline and Hermès, making her the perfect choice for the two fashion houses, renowned for their classic, minimalist designs.

Hermès Vestiaire d'Été 2014 by Zoe Ghertner

Hermès Vestiaire d'Été 2014 by Zoe Ghertner-1

Zoe-Ghertner-Photography-2Zoe Ghertner photography for Double Magazine 
Zoe Ghertner photography-2 
It’s amazing how her photographs seem to capture the very essence of a garment or of an object. But I think I’d better let the flawless images speak for themselves.
Hermes SS 2012 by Zoe Ghertner-1Zoe Ghertner photography-1Hermès summer catalogue 2012 by Zoe Ghertner
• This week’s new film recommendation: JFK (1991). It was only a few months ago that I watched Oliver Stone’s movie and I can only say that, as a huge film lover and political thriller fan, it marked me. At first, the many visual styles the director and his cinematographer, Robert Richardson, used felt confusing, but I then realized how brilliant their approach was. It reflected so well the reality, all the chaos, endless information, conspiracy theories and web of lies the public has been bombarded with since Kennedy’s assassination. And I think the film reflects the American people’s feelings, more than any other film on the subject has dared to do. Kevin Costner and the entire cast (including Donald Sutherland in that pivotal first scene he appears in) are amazing.
• Remembering L’Wren Scott in her own words.
• Bottega Veneta becomes the first luxury brand to receive the LEED certificate for its new ecological Montebello Vincentino atelier.
• Mr. Porter interviews Ralph Fiennes. Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, in which he stars, is on the agenda this weekend.
• On my wish list: Straight from the Earth: Irresistible Vegan Recipes for Everyone. And here you can read more about the author, Myra Goodman, an organic food pioneer.
• I’m all for an all white look this spring.
• The warm weather is already making me crave for ice-cream and I would love to try this healthy and delicious-looking recipe.

photos: Zoë Ghertner, via Total World | 1-032C Magazine no.34 Spring 2013, Malgosia Bela styled by Mel Ottenberg | 2,3: Hermès Vestiaire d’Été 2014, via The Style Schedule | 4,5: Double Magazine #26, styling by Haidee Findlay-Levin | 9,11: Hermès catalogue Spring/Summer 2012

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