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Cary Grant
I fell for this photograph of Cary Grant the minute I laid eyes on it: his style and his usual attention to detail, the classic car, the calmness of a winter day, everything is right about it. And I couldn’t think of a better introduction to this Sunday’s Golden Globes night. I was thinking of making this weekend a movie marathon weekend, trying to catch as many nominated films as I can at the cinema, as they seem to have arrived all at the same time. Have a good one!
• Classic films are a given on my blog, but because new good films (and by new I mean films dating from the 1970s throughout the present) are harder to find than classic ones, from now on I will recommend one weekly on the Notebook Pages. Today, Running on Empty, 1988, directed by Sidney Lumet (I’m a River Phoenix fan).
• Penélope Cruz on family, life and career.
• Diane von Furstenberg celebrates fourty years of the dress that started it all with the Journey of A Dress exhibition (Los Angeles, January 11th-April 1st).
• After browsing through them in a bookstore, I added The Mr Porter Paperback: The Manual for A Stylish Life Volume One and Volume Two to my wishlist (women can learn from them too and they are a great gift for the men in our lives).
• Outfit inspiration: an elegant look for winter & mixing prints never looked better.
• Home: a beautiful dining space full of personality.

photo: John Engstead (I think – if anyone can confirm the source, I’d appreciate it)

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