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It snowed last night. Every year I’m hoping for a white Christmas and if you haven’t experienced a winter wonderland this time of year yet, you don’t know the beauty and magic you are missing. There is a feeling of holiday in the air and it’s taken over me too. Can you believe we’re just one weekend away from the 25th? But until then, there is a new film feature on the blog on Sunday and for Monday I’ve prepared a very special post, which I’m sure you will delight in, the last one until after the holidays. Now I’m leaving you with a little last-minute inspiration and I wish you a wonderful and home-made Christmas cookies-filled weekend!

• Give: a gift that gives back.
• Remember: to pay the proper attention to the stocking stuffers, because it’s a wonderful surprise to find something lovely in there – I’d like to find this or this in mine.
• Decorate: with mistletoe.
• Go for: a simple table setting.
• Bookmark: this shopping guide to the best chocolate (dark chocolate to be exact, the kind that is good for you).
• Get: All the President’s Men (a little late for a Christmas gift, but I’ve recently re-watched the film, which is definitely one of the best political thrillers ever, and I just have to read the book too).
• Wear: something simple and chic.
• Watch: one of these films.
• Make: spiced apples, a healthy complement to the more indulgent holiday desserts.

But, most of all, be merry and remember to sit back, relax and enjoy the quite days to come and the good company.

photo: Justin Bishop, Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows, via Vanity Fair

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