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Christmas decoration

Ralph Lauren Fall 2013_1Ralph Lauren Fall 2012
This Christmas I’m keeping things simple. There are going to be less decorations and last minute shopping, and more quiet moments, cooking creativity and reading of all my new books – Santa came early this year. I wish you a merry weekend and I’m leaving you with a little inspiration for the season.
• Give: bangles that are a symbol of global peace and prosperity, made in Laos, to support a cause that matters / hand-made Alpaca sweater / hand lettered cards, to which you can add your finishing touch.
• Watch: one of these films, or, if you are not in the mood for Christmas movies, one of my favourite movies I’ve seen lately, Heaven’s Gate.
• Read: Mary Jo Matsumoto interviewed by Vogue Italia writer Shomara Roosblad on her Five Fave Fashion Memories.
• Get: Roman Polanski: A Retrospective, by James Greenberg, Gastronomy of Italy, by Anna del Conte, and Olivier, by Philip Ziegler (I’ve told that books were all I wanted for Christmas).
• Decorate: with cedar, redwood and white flowers.
• Wear: something simple and chic.
• Enjoy: The Return, the Chanel short film, by Karl Lagerfeld, with a cup of mulled wine or your favourite tea.
• Go: to the local Christmas markets and fairs, where you can find beautiful hand-crafted Christmas cards, ornaments and gifts.
• Make: gingerbread muffins.

photos: 1-source unknown, via The Fuller View / 2-by me / 3-Aubrie Pick for Sacramento Street / 4-Ann Street Studio | Ralph Lauren Fall 2013 Paris Show / 5-Ralph Lauren Fall 2012

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