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Face to Face Polar Portraits by Huw Lewis-Jones1


I found this in a bookstore yesterday and I couldn’t leave it behind. First it was the striking photograph on the cover, then the imagery and the stories inside. Face to Face: Polar Portraits, by Huw Lewis-Jones, is a captivating account of pioneering polar photography and stunning portraiture, historical and modern, colour and black & white, not only of revolutionary explorers, but of adventurers, scientists, filmmakers, and of the Inuit, who have braved or have lived their entire lives in the harshness and wilderness of the Arctic region. Inspiring, touching and educational.

The book also includes Huw Lewis-Jones’ interesting exploration of the emergence of photography in the nineteenth century, and its enormous effect on the visual culture of the day, along with an engaging discussion with photographer Martin Hartley about the challenges faced by the polar photographers in the past and the extreme lengths that explorers would go to in order to get that perfect shot. Anyone fascinated by photography will love this book.


Face to Face Polar Portraits by Huw Lewis-Jones


“In a world which is expanding day by day, literature is no longer enough … our busy age does not always have time to read, but it always has time to look.” Théophile Gautier, 1858


Face to Face Polar Portraits by Huw Lewis-Jones 2


“I have experienced the polar world in all of its ferocity, when it is a challenge just to stay alive, let alone pull out a camera and take a photograph.” Sir Ranulph Fiennes


Face to Face Polar Portraits by Huw Lewis-Jones-1


“I love film and I also love digital technology. Both have a rightful place in the photographer’s toolbox. Film photography will be around for as long as there are film cameras to put film into. Digital photography has made the technical a lot easier for the user. What the advances in technology have not improved is a photographer’s way of seeing. This is an indefinable and wholly organic process and not currently available on a floppy disk, CD, DVD or even a blu ray thing. Artificial intelligence has a lot of catching up to do in this department.” Martin Hartley


Face to Face Polar Portraits by Huw Lewis-Jones-1


• Bruce Weber is talking about his films.
• AnOther Magazine celebrates Angela Lansbury, who was recently awarded an honorary Oscar, taking a look at Jessica Fletcher: An Enduring Icon.
• I love this teaser trailer of The Return, Karl Lagerfeld’s short film on Chanel which will premiere on December 10. From what I’ve seen, Geraldine Chaplin is amazing in the role of Coco Chanel.
• This Canadian Thanksgiving makes me want to keep things simple for the holidays.
• Beautiful interior, travel, lifestyle and food photography: Stefano Scatà
• This amazing book went right on top of my Christmas wish list.
• I’m having an earthy and simple interior design moment and I’m thinking how to reinterpret this and this in our home.

Have a lovely weekend!

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