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As November rolls in and makes way to colder and gloomy weather, I seem to be drawn to home-based activities, like perfecting my cooking skills and gathering with friends and family in the comfort of one’s home rather than going out. One of the places to go for inspiration is Manger, where France-based stylist, cook and food blogger Mimi Thorisson shares her passion for cooking and her idyllic life in Médoc. Manger is filled with culinary creations intermingled with glimpses into the family’s daily life that make you want to move to the countryside, all beautifully captured by Mimi’s husband photographer, Oddur Thorisson. But if some of the recipes seem a bit too complicated for my taste, or, to be honest, for me to tackle, I’m eager to try my hand at apple charlotte, Mont d’Or and almond potatoes, or baked apples with almond cream.

And by the way, this dark and moody photography style is another thing that seems to be perfect for this time of year.
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Manger-Mimi Thorisson
Manger-Mimi Thorisson-1
Oddur Thorisson photography
Mimi Thorisson-Manger-Apple charlotte
• If I were to be on the US West Coast in the following weeks, Avedon: Women would be a show I wouldn’t want to miss. Until December 21st.
• If only more people thought the same way: Actors and actresses, on why they  are not on Twitter.
• One of my favourite online reads is Mr. Porter Journal. Loved this piece on pioneer fashion photographer Norman Parkinson (the last few phrases made me laugh out loud).
• Cindy Crawford talks fashion, modelling and kids
• Acne Paper is a magazine I am dying to read (the ridiculously high shipping taxes keep putting me off ordering it), especially the latest Actresses Issue, featuring big names like Isabelle Huppert (as Greta Garbo), Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, Anouk Aimée, Liv Ullmann, and many more, in interviews and/or fashion editorials.
• It’s a joy whenever I find a new appetising recipe, with pumpkin or squash as main ingredient.
• Something for the even colder days to come
• In case you’ve missed the news, join Classiq’s new Facebook page!

Have a wonderful weekend!

photos: Oddur Thorisson, for Manger

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