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Sophia Loren 1965
We’ve had some beautiful fall days and the end of the week is supposed to be just as lovely. Lately I’ve spent many weekends trying to tie up loose ends and working on different projects, which I don’t usually mind, but I am glad this one is going to be different, spent out of the city, soaking in as much autumn sun as I can. This article on the art of weekend rest is also a good reminder to forget about your phone, laptop and social media and live a little! I hope you’ll do the same.
• Q&A with Giorgio Armani: on his self-portrait for his latest campaign, on his signature navy t-shirt and more – a designer to my liking.
• Given my love for Hitchcock’s films and for San Francisco, I don’t know how this book has escaped me: Footsteps in the Fog: Alfred Hitchcock’s San Francisco
• It feels so good to relate to someone else’s opinion on what true style really is about.
• I’m on the hunt for these bangles, resembling so much these ones.
• I would love to see classic films brought back into the spotlight more often, as it’s been happening annually in Lyon since 2009 at The Lumière Film Festival (October 16th-18th).
• This blog, Humans of New York, is so great! A different kind of street photography, not only portraits of the people of NY, but their stories too. This photo is one of my favourites.
• Home-made goodies make the most thoughtful, nicest harvest gift.

photo: source unknown | Sophia Loren, South Wales, on the set of “Arabesque”, 1966

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