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hermes-couture-1948-illustration by bernard blossachermes-couture-1947-blossac-fashion-illustration
Hermes Couture 1937-rene-bouet-willaumez illustration
hermes-couture-1947 by illustrator Raymond Brenot

• Maybe it’s because I’m enjoying fall so far and these evoke that perfect autumn feeling, or maybe it’s because old school fashion illustration is so beautiful, but the fact is that I am thinking of buying one of these vintage Hermès prints to frame and put on one of the shelves in my home office.

Without a face: a series of works created by Erik Madigan Heck, focusing on the back of the garments, erasing the face, and offering a different perspective on the standard fashion shoot. “So much of what we see today is concerned with the face — with celebrity, with the politics of a person and their endorsement. I wanted to refocus our attention on the most basic elements of what I believe fashion and art are truly concerned with — color, form, texture, and seeing into a space beyond ourselves. For me, fashion is merely another mode to understand our relationship with beauty’s transcendent qualities.”

Erik Madigan Heck-Miu MiuErik Madigan Heck-Haider AckermannErik Madigan Heck-BalenciagaErik Madigan Heck-Giambattista Valli


• John Galliano interviews Peter Lindbergh for the September issue of Interview Magazine
• Franca Sozzani, a Citizen of Humanity
• Have you seen all these Chanel videos? I hadn’t until yesterday and they continue to fascinate me, they so beautisully recount the story of Coco Chanel.
• Earlier this week I leafed through the book Sharp Suits in a bookstore and although I settled for some literature instead (Oscar Wilde, Ford Madox Ford and Turgeniev if you care to know), it certainly made it to my wish-list, because I simply can not resist a good coffee table style book.
• I want this entrance for my home
• Advice to follow: even one minute workouts can benefit your health

photos: 1,2-Bernard Blossac illustrations / 3-René Bouët-Willaumez illustration / 4-Raymond Brénot illustration, all via / 5-8: Erik Madigan Heck, via The Cut

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