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Jacqui Getty-Lonny Magazine

I like everything about the space above, especially the framed photographs leaning against the wall. With a couple of exceptions, that’s the way we display all the art work in our home. And I like Jacqui Getty’s quote too (this is her Los Angeles home featured in the September issue of Lonny Magazine), because it resonates with my own thoughts.

And speaking of photography, in her book, 50 Photographs, Jessica Lange has gathered a beautiful collection of photos she has taken throughout her travels. She clearly has a cinematic eye for black and white photography. Needless to say, I would like a copy of the book for myself.

50photographs by Jessica Lange

50 photographs by Jessica Lange

50 photographs by Jessica Lange 5

50 photographs by Jessica Lange 350 photographs by Jessica Lange 1

• Marc Jacobs interviews the visionary Calvin Klein for Interview Magazine
• An interesting read: Holly Baxter on Vogue UK’s attempt to airbrush its reputation in schools: “These magazines exist purely to dictate to their young audience, for a fee, what is beautiful, fashionable, desirable – and largely unattainable. Trying to tell us that their content shouldn’t change, but the attitudes of their disillusioned and apparently uneducated readership should, is depressing doublethink.”
• To frame: this Jessica Durant illustration
• On the agenda this weekend: Blue Jasmine. Cate Blanchett’s lead role and wardrobe have been creating plenty of buzz and I can not wait to see her in Woody Allen’s film.
• Casa e Bottega: wouldn’t you love to go treasure hunting in this little cafe and homeware boutique in Positano, on the Amalfi Coast?

Have a wonderful weekend!

photos: 1-Lonny Magazine / 2-6: Jessica Lange, from her book, 50 Photographs

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