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Capri Italy June 1970-Photo by David Cupp

“Summer never ends, it just changes places.” I always feel a little sad this time of year, but these wonderful words help me face the change of seasons in an optimistic tone. You don’t say good-bye to summer, just au revoir, you let it go just for a while, for others to enjoy its magic too. It’s been a beautiful summer and, even if we couldn’t take a proper vacation because of work, there have been many one-day or weekend getaways and road trips, which filled me with the enthusiasm and joy I used to feel on summer holiday as a child.

Amy Lucy photography-1

Amy Lucy photography-2

Amy Lucy photography


Amy Lucy photography 3

Oeil - Yokosuka Kanagawa photography

• In this interesting interview, Paul Smith strikes me as a down-to-earth guy, with strong values and a great sense of humour
• The Venice Film Festival is at its 70th edition. August 28th – September 7th.
• The laws of attraction: about our youth-obsessed times and how to learn from the French “to honor what happens to women as they grow old.”
• How can designers cope with the endless newness demanded of fashion? Why the nonstop spring-prefall-fall-resort parade? Read more about the new speed of fashion here.
• A talk with Isabel Marant: “It’s about the women surrounding me. I look at how women in the street wear things. I’ve never been inspired by a muse—that’s a fantasy.”
• One of the most awaited collaborations this coming fall (September 15th) is 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target. I would love this floral blouse and this leather jacket for my wardrobe.
• Who’s for a simple Moroccan dinner?

Have a wonderful weekend!

photos: 1-David Cupp for National Geographic, taken in Capri, June 1970 / 2-5: Amy Lucy Photography / 6-Oeil | Kokosuka Kanagawa Photography

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