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il bisonte-independent bag

Playing with details and the use of materials, with a creative yet simple form of beauty, the Il Bisonte bags combine aesthetic pleasure with functional simplicity. They are the result of a constant search for a special form of originality and of a long creative process which is carried out by expert hands, the expression of the best Tuscan handicraft skills. Wanny Di Filippo, founder and designer of Il Bisonte, “despite turning to the past and to its atmospheres, has also looked to modernity. It is in this openness to what is new, in the fusion between past and modernity, that the Il Bisonte creations find their placement beyond time.” Given all these details, it’s needless to say that I have fallen for this brand.
il bisonte-penelope purse
il bisonte-manhattan tote
il bisonte-sabrina bag
il bisonte bliss bag

• I recently browsed through Spring in Sicily, by Manuela Darling-Gansser, in a book shop and I was captivated by the travel stories and food recipes. It will find its way to my library one day.
• Hollywood Costume at ACMI: it’s not only about pretty frocks, it’s about demonstrating the critical role costume plays in shaping character
• See fashion through the ages in images from Vogue’s archives
• Ava Gardner, a heroine for Hemingway
• A great look for the summer, featuring the talked-about denim shirt

photos and video: Il Bisonte

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