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• Elegant black and white interior by stylist Aaron Hom

• Louis Vuitton has recently opened an iconic Maison in Rome (the first one in Italy) in the emblematic Etoile cinema, built in 1907. It was the first cinema in Rome and it had played a major role in the cultural life of the Eternal City for decades until its closure in 1991. Louis Vuitton brings it back to life now, a partnership between art and exceptional craftsmanship.

The store will house the most beautiful creations of the fashion house and it also includes a cinema on the first floor, which acknowledges the history of the venue. 18 seats will accommodate visitors who enjoy short films and documentaries. Architect Peter Marino says he drew inspiration from the world of cinema to design the store. Other two key elements in the unique setting are the photo gallery on the ground floor which retraces the history of cinema and the baroque-shaped staircase, highlighted by a luminous strip that runs under the stairs like a strip of film. “It is a way of taking customers out of their everyday world, and into an exceptional environment.”

• Hollywood Costume Exhibition coming to Victoria & Albert Museum
• Currently coveting: Emily’s inspired pairing of cherry pants and nude oxfords
• Today I’m shopping for ingredients to try Lisa’s apple and chocolate muffins recipe
• On the same note on Florence as yesterday, Scott Schuman inaugurated The Sartorialist: Lunch For 25 in the Italian city. This reminds me that a post on men’s style is due on my blog very soon.
• You simply have to take a look at this adorable photo shoot

video: youtube
details on the opening of the Louis Vuitton Rome Etoile by courtesy of Louis Vuitton; quote by Peter Marino
photo: Aaron Hom discovered via design elements

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