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I’ve just finished reading Grace, American Vogue’s renowned creative director Grace Coddington’s autobiography. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. She may not be a writer, but I liked Grace’s simple, honest, forthright approach in the book illustrated with her cute drawings, sharing her life dedicated to the fashion world, with the turning points in her career and life, the people (I especially liked the appraisal of the styles of all the photographers) she’s worked with, the personalities she’s met. Grace is a visionary, a creator of fantasies and she remains irrevocably in love with clothes. This is what she pays the most attention to at fashion shows (she’s there to observe the clothes, sketching them too, not to have her photo taken) and in photo shoots. No matter the story she dreams up, and this is where she does narration so well, the clothes must always come first. “Nevertheless, a little nostalgia for the days when fashion came first doesn’t do any harm.”

• Men’s style: dashing in suit and hat
• For your coffee table: Return Engagement: Faces to Remember-Then and Now, by Horst P Horst and James Watters
• To frame: winter wonderland
• I think I’m not alone when I say that after the holidays (and in general as a matter of fact) I’m craving only light meals

photos: by me

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