Notebook pages

Here are my latest finds and news from fashion, style, films and beautiful living.

• L’invitation au voyage: I know you’ve probably seen Louis Vuitton’s new advertising campaign film, but it’s beautiful and I wanted it on my blog. Arizona Muse’s elegant outfit is to be admired too.

• You’ll love this, I promise: Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks talks vintage clothing
• Although too photoshopped for my taste, I like the idea of dapper elegance evoked by Karlie Kloss in this Vogue China editorial
• Donna Karan on the business of fashion and what it’s taught her
Fawlty Towers is my all-time favourite comedy series. The best kind of British humour. I think it would make a great Christmas gift too.
• Giorgio Armani in 24 hours
• I like leather details on knitwear, like in this Tommy Hilfiger jumper
• For those of you who like fashion history, Decades: A Century of Fashion, by Cameron Silver, a showcase of the past hundred years of fashion, decade by decade, is the latest title added to my wishlist.
• Roasted pumpkin is one of my favourite desserts (plus you can’t get a healthier one than that), but I think I would enjoy to try some other recipes from The Compleat Squash
Lisa has reminded me that I would like to redecorate our hallway and I’m leaning towards something simple and elegant

Have a great weekend!

PS: Are you among the lucky ones who are now the proud owners of a (or more than one) Maison Martin Margiela for H&M item/items? By the time I could log in to their website yesterday (first being placed in a queue, then busy day), everything I wanted had been sold out. Would love to hear what you’ve purchased.

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