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Here are my latest finds and news from fashion, style, film, photography, design and beautiful living.

• Once again I relied on my Vogue archive (after I had searched in vain for the complete editorials online) to dig out photos from some of the most exotic Vogue photo shoot locations. They put me in the right mood for my up-coming summer escape. “An exotic backdrop only adds to the allure of a great fashion shot.”

• Finally, an honest opinion about Raf Simons’ debut collection at Dior. There he said it, black on white: ‘Raf Simons has a strongly individual aesthetic. He has no need to lean on the past.’
• Has any of you read Alicia Drake’s The Beautiful Fall: Fashion, Genius and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris? I couldn’t find a thorough review on the book and I would very much like to hear your opinion on it.
• A short documentary analysing a sartorial icon: designing James Bond’s suits: Connery to Craig
• Such a chic look! I like the light blue paired with white, a simple look originally upgraded by the hat and beaded collar. The skirt is so Audrey-in-Roman-Holiday-like. And the smile, it can be our most precious accessory.
• Cutler and Gross’ guide of how to choose glasses for your face shape
• María of EclecChic has captured the beauty and colours of Ibiza
Gar-Anat Hotel de Peregrinos: it would make such a charming summer holiday accommodation
• This is how I like to spend summer evenings

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

photos: (scanned by me) British Vogue December 2009 ‘Glamour in Vogue’ suppliment

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