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Kara Rosenlund photography 
There is a quaint quality about the space above. I find it very autumnal and soothing for the soul, but I also think its beauty stems from the framed photograph of the two horses, by Kara Rosenlund. I would love to have it on my wall. Maybe one day I will tell you where my vicarious fascination with horses and equestrian motifs hails from. Here is more from the photographer’s portfolio.
• Tomas Maier, Bottega Veneta’s creative director: “I never design on the computer. I use the computer for research, but I draw sketches. […] I think you build a collection on a collection that you have done previously. I never would do something completely different. I find that doesn’t work for my thought process, and it doesn’t work for my client. I like when everything is coherent and makes sense together. I think it’s very important.” Read the entire interview by following the link above.

• Kirsten Dunst is not a fan of the self-photography phenomenon that’s taking over our social media obsessed society and this short film of hers is a selfie parody that just shows the ridicule and artificiality so many people, not only teenagers, indulge in.

• Timeless pieces in the new Totême Fall/Winter collection.

• Another jean story I loved, featuring a young classic American girl.

• I’m currently reading Lauren Bacall’s autobiography, By Myself and Then Some (so good!) and this one is the next one on my list.

photo: Kara Rosenlund

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