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Notebook pages-The Fat Radish 
The Fat Radish is a New York restaurant that offers simple, healthy, farm-to-table dishes. It’s always encouraging to hear about such endeavors, but it’s hardly the only one of the kind, especially that it’s starting to become a trend in the big cities. What I want to note here is that its co-owner, Ben Towill, is biking 4,500 km across the United States this summer to talk to strangers about healthy food. And I think this is one of the most efficient ways to create a culture for healthy eating. If you are interested, Nicholas Wilber, The Fat Radish head chef recommends this book: River Cottage Veg: 200 Inspired Vegetable Recipes, by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.
• My film recommendation this week: Apocalypto (2006), directed by Mel Gibson. I truly believe that if any other director had made Apocalypto, it would have been discussed in much higher terms. The film is set in the declining period of the Maya civilization, but I’m not going into debating its historical accuracy, but acknowledge the pure film-making, the kind you don’t see that often anymore. It is a visual experience, when a shot, a look or the body language says more than words, and that’s what cinema is first and foremost about.

• On the wisdom and enduring influence of the visionary Geoffrey Beene, one of the greatest American designers.

• Can couture be modern? Is haute couture today starting to lack the dream element which is still couture’s main raison d’être?

• If you are the kind of Seinfeld fan that I am, you’ll enjoy this retrospective, laughing all the way.

• An interesting interview with Alasdair McLellan: “I have a massive problem with the fact that everything is going digital because my favourite part is going to look at those contact sheets the next day to see how it has come out. […] Everyone is gathered round the screen with digital. But when I shoot on film everyone is gathered round the girl and they see if the collar needs to be changed, done up or undone, and with digital you lose that moment.”

• And speaking of fashion photographers, here is an entertaining talk with David Bailey. I like his straight-forwardness and humour. About the politics in the fashion industry, he says: “Well, Vogue will destroy itself if it goes on like that because everything that’s run by accountants eventually vanishes up its own ass. The only reason I did fashion in the first place was because I thought, ‘If I’m going to do photography my way, the only way to be creative and get paid is to do fashion.'”

PS: During the summer, the Notebook Pages are a bi-monthly feature.

photo: The Fat Radish

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