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This week’s Notebook pages are entirely dedicated to the Oscars.

I looked and looked for a photo of Gwyneth not on the red carpet (for a different visual impact) and without the cape (those sleeves must be shown, they make the dress!) and here it is, at the Vanity Fair party.

Maybe it was not the most spectacular Oscars show — the gowns certainly weren’t, but I’ve already gotten used to being sistematically disappointed by the red carpet dresses over the past years; and to be completely honest, when I saw Gwyneth Paltrow in her Tom Ford gown I knew there was no other dress that could compete with hers, not according to my standards of glamour at least.

But I was determined to enjoy everything the night had to offer. And this 84th edition of the Academy Awards was certainly more than I had expected. Live glamour, good jokes, great show, the feeling that with Billy Crystal you were in good hands and most importantly, I was happy that a film like The Artist received the recognition it deserved from the Academy as well (I had my doubts). And that other important awards went to Hugo, another film that pays an homage to the era of silent movies in our times.

Here are the Oscar 2012 Highlights (some of you may already have seen part of it on my Facebook page):

• Christopher Plummer’s acceptance speech (I haven’t found the entire version unfortunately)
• Woody Allen’s award for Original Screenplay for Midnight in Paris
• Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo winning for Art Direction. I am so happy that Martin Scorsese, this talented man who breaths film and who has given so much to cinema and to us, not only through his films, but also through his untiring efforts in the restoration, preservation and promoting of old movies, is still working with the artists and artisans of Cinecittà (maybe you remember my article about Handmade Cinema?)
• Emma Stone’s moment with Ben Stiller. She was hilarious and she looked beautiful in her Giambattista Valli dress
• Kirk and Michael Douglas at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Don’t you love them?
• I’m glad about The Artist‘s 5 academy awards, but if only Jean Dujardin had shared the award with Gary Oldman. How come this incredible actor has been left out for so many years and decades?
• Meryl Streep at her 3rd Oscar. She has broken all records with the most Academy Awards nominations ever, seventeen, but will she equal Katharine Hepburn’s performance of 4 wins?

photos: by Billy Farrell, Vanity Fair

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