Notebook pages

Good morning! I hope you had a beautiful weekend and that you’re ready to start a whole new month this week. Until now I’ve sporadically tried to gather and share some of my daily finds of all things beautiful like books, blogs, articles and stories about fashion, photography and art discoveries, scoops of style and inspiration in all its forms, but which do not make a full-length post. I’ve decided to put more thought into it and make it a weekly feature and because there are things I usually write down in my notebook, it will be called Notebook pages. Classiq Bookstore and Cinema Classiq will also be up-dated every week, heartful recommendations for you to enjoy.

— One of my dear readers has recommended me this great blog: The Sheila Variations
— One of my favourite designers, Ralph Lauren, shares his passion in his own words video.  He is not just a fashion designer, but a lifestyle designer.
— A glimpse at the titanic work behind a haute couture collection: Christian Dior Atelier Couture via Couture Millinery Atelier
— Remember I was telling you about the Russian Vogue article on the history of the Max Mara coat? Here you can read more about it.
— Finding good photographs of classic movie stars and publicity stills is always so hard, so I’m very happy whenever a book like Movie-star Portraits of the Forties or Film-Star Portraits of the Fifties comes along.
— Style for him: the brown suit
— Wrapping gifts, a note of style and a beautiful art in itself: A Gift Wrapped Life

Wishing you a wonderful week!

photos: 1,5-by Adele Obice, JouJou Villeroy via Dustjacket Attic /2-Pinterest via Simply Seductive /3-Lisa Sherry Interieurs / 4-my own, part of an up-coming blog project

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