No Name

Mid-length street style 
There is an army of street style photographers who have sprung over the last decade, but most of them, more often than not, show us the fashion shows related street style rather than the style in the streets. And even if the subject is an ordinary person going about her/his business, everybody is often quick to name and look for the brands in the look. And that has more to do with marketing than with street style recording. This is one of the things why I still admire Scott Schuman’s street style photography the most – he is interested in the look, not in the labels worn, registering the fashions, not the designers and brands of the times we live in.

Readers have sometimes written to me saying they would appreciate shopping suggestions from my part on the blog. Sure, in fairness, I can see how that would be of interest to just about anyone, really. I have however chosen to stick to my policy of avoiding this approach and avoiding sponsored posts and keeping my blog in the sphere of pure, uncompromising style inspiration, no strings attached.

And now, finally, on to this great summer outfit. The mid-length checked skirt toned down by the flat sandals and plain, slightly creased white t-shirt, and topped off with a clutch and well worn hat (again a great contrast). There is a healthy dose of personal style in that look. It’s just perfect!

photo: The Sartorialist

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