My Thalia Street Shopper, by Mary Jo Matsumoto

Classiq-Mary Jo Matsumoto Thalia Street Shopper

Let me introduce you to my Thalia Street Shopper, by Mary Jo Matsumoto. It was a birthday present from my husband, and if you are wondering how I chose this bag out of Mary Jo’s many, many designs that I’m coveting, I’m telling you that it was a tough decision. But I couldn’t be happier with my choice and, every time I wear it, I love it even more. The Thalia Street Shopper has always been one of my favourites. It’s a classic: distinct, discrete, without screaming IT bag, and its minimalist elegance is what has attracted me from the start. And what makes it truly indispensable for me is that it’s roomy enough to carry all my essentials, whether it’s for when I feel like working from a café downtown, when I run from meeting to meeting or take an on-the-spur-of-the-moment day trip.

I had seen and felt Mary Jo’s bags up-close and I knew what quality to expect, the very best, but I was still impressed (as everyone else who sees my bag is) with the impeccable craftsmanship when I held my shopper in my hand. Made from the softest leather, it comes in a beautiful, rich and durable shade of brown, with contrast turquoise piping lending a bold vibe to its classic design. And what’s more, the bag is just as beautiful on the inside: its warm tangerine ultra-suede lining comes as a treat and adds to the luxury of the bag…it’s in the details. Agelessly chic, the Thalia Street shopper is made to span seasons and to be fantastically appropriate for so many occasions. I’ve fully enjoyed the ride so far.

Thalia Street Shopper by Mary Jo Matsumoto 1

Thalia Street Shopper details 2

Thalia Street Shopper by Mary Jo Matsumoto 3

Thalia Street Shopper details 1

Thalia Street Shopper details

photos: for Classiq / by me | featuring the Thalia Street Shopper, part of the Thalia Street Collection, by Mary Jo Matsumoto

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