My beautiful city: Bucharest

Revealing beautiful Bucharest. It’s the theme of my latest blog project, one that’s becoming closer and closer to my heart as I dedicate more time to it. I am going to show you the beautiful side of Bucharest, the city I’ve been living in for 11 years and that I’ve come to love. I know many of my non-Romanian readers know very little or have seen or heard less positive things about our capital, so I’m inviting you to get to know it little by little as seen through my own eyes. It is a continuing discovery for me as well and I truly believe that it’s up to every one of us to live our life beautifully.

My friend Ingrid from Life and Luxury is also joining me in this series and today she is presenting a special hotel, one of the places worth seeing in our city, The Sarroglia Hotel.

The Romanian Athenaeum

Expect to see more photos of the atheneum in the future posts, as I love taking pictures of it every time I pass by. Designed by French architect Albert Galleron and inaugurated in 1888, it is one of Bucharest’s monumental buildings and cultural symbols. Attending a concert there during the George Enescu Festival is a unique experience. The surroundings are lovely too, as you can see in the first photo below and the last two.



Bucharest has an amazing architecture. In the 20th century it became one of the most beautiful European capitals and it was known as Little Paris. I will try to capture its elegant buildings, the harmonious blending of so many different influences, its eclectic style.

Today Bucharest continues to surprise me by revealing its charm in the most unexpected places, like its best kept secrets. Romantic streets with sidewalk cafes and tea houses, fashion ateliers and coquettish boutiques, inviting bookstores and delicatessen shops, I will share them all with you in good time.



photos: by me

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