Mr. Giorgio Armani and That Simple T-shirt

Giorgio Armani white t-shirt 
I have always found it intriguing how many of the fashion designers who have shaped the times we live in, when it comes to their own personal style, are committed either to an all-black look or to some sort of a uniform. Some say it’s because they don’t want their own clothes to distract them from their creative work, so they keep their outfits as incospicuous as possible (not only that, but, like in the case of Giorgio Armani, even the staff must adhere to a prescribed dress-code). Others simply stick to what suits them best. Mr. Giorgio Armani is well known for his signature, constant, extreme minimalism: most often, a midnight-blue T-shirt, navy trousers and white sneakers. But it is the simple t-shirt, whether white, black or that favourite midnight-blue, that’s been forever part of his life and his wardrobe. And this doesn’t stop him from being one of the most stylish men today. And maybe that’s part of what makes his work life so consistent and efficient.

“I have always thought of the t-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet.”

“Confidence and a sense of humour make a man sexy.” “I feel at ease in a true work uniform: silk T-shirt, cashmere sweater, comfortable drawstring pants—always navy blue. And white sneakers. There are a lot of these pieces in my wardrobe; just like a deconstructed jacket, they’re fundamental.” Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani and the white t-shirt

Giorgio Armani in his atelier

Giorgio Armani and the t-shirt

photos: 1,4: / 2-Corriere della sera / 3-Los Angeles Confidential

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