Mise en scène #7

Mise en scene #7 
CK One moved in last weekend. It’s been almost a year since I used perfume, as none of the fragrances I used to wear seemed to suit me anymore, making me become intolerant to their scent. In my last attempt to find something that would feel right before starting to consider saving up for a personalized perfume, I decided to try one I have always flirted with: CK One. It’s been twenty years since Calvin Klein launched the perfume which came to define a generation, the perfume which used to be carried in record stores alongside Nirvana albums. It feels just as irresistible today. It’s unisex, subtle yet noticeable, light and fresh, and I don’t know about a long-term relationship, but CK One is certainly going to be my perfume this summer.

Have a great weekend!

photo by me, background photo by Toni Frissell for Harper’s Bazaar, May 1947, from the book Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel

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