Mise en scène #13

Mise en scene #13-Winter everyday belongings 
Two of my most important everyday belongings in winter are a pair of warm gloves of the softest leather and the readily absorbed shea butter hand cream from L’Occitane, of which I always carry a small, bag-friendly tube with me. I’m lost without these two items, just as I am without my cocoa lip balm (but about that, in a different post), and in our weather it immediately shows if I neglect using them. Our hands do so much talking, don’t you think so? A moisturising balm for hands is one of the beauty & body products which often tend to be overlooked when someone talks about their beauty regimen, but things are exactly the opposite in my case – the face moisturiser, nourishing lip balm and hand cream are the first priorities, the make-up always comes second and there is no drama if it’s all together absent.

photo by me | gloves from Musette

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