Miracolo a Milano (1951)

by guestwriter

Miracolo a Milano (Miracle in Milan) is one of a kind among the films of its genre. It successfully blends a supernatural story with a post-war Italian environment in a wonderful fantasy comedy. An abbandoned child reaches the cabbage patch of an old woman who starts to raise the little one. But Totò’s life once again enters a new path when he is moved into an orphanage. There he becomes one of the happiest persons, leaving the place with a smile on his face. Vittorio De Sica takes the plot to fantasy as soon as Totò ends up homeless and becomes a speaker for the building of a new shelter. With Cesare Zavattini’s screenwriting (based on his novel, Totò il Buono) even dreams seem to reach a purpose, establishing the right position for a hard-working man. A beautiful journey!

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