Military green

Every season I dedicate at least one blog post to this style. And many more days to outfits bearing more or less military elements. It has that impression on me. And clearly on the fashion world, as the military uniform has proven to be one of the designers’ richest sources of ideas; its enduring quality has earned it a permanent seat in the front row. Season after season, decade after decade. As for colour, green is the one I prefer these days. As for look, the first one below has stolen my heart (and I will give it a go soon): the sober parka matched with the feminine dress, the opposite roughness and delicacy of the fabrics, I even like the different hemline lengths. By the way, let’s not forget that the wristwatch, the one item that I never leave the house without and the object of my permanent desire, was a World War I innovation.

On a slightly different note: do you ever get the feeling that you love certain details or part of an outfit and when you see the whole look it’s not quite what you had imagined it would be? I do, many times. In those cases I choose to show less, the detail takes.

We had two glorious spring days this past weekend and I hope the weather stays warm for the entire week. Have a good one!

photos: 1-Fashion Gone Rogue /ย 2-Tommy Ton for /ย 3-unknown source, via Pinterest / 4-Vanessa Jackman / 5,7-Citizen Couture / 6-Phil Oh for

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