Massimo Dutti shirt

classiq-massimo dutti shirt

The newest addition to my wardrobe, this Massimo Dutti shirt, is a present from my father. March is a celebration of Spring and of Women in Romania (the 1st and the 8th, which translate into flowers and gifts for me from the wonderful men in my family) and it feels like a second birthday month. The colour, an almost imperceptible shade of powder pink, is so romantic, a beacon of spring. The fabric, a combination of cotton and mulberry silk, is so light, a promise for the warm months ahead, that its fairy-weight makes me feel like I’m enveloped in a summer breeze. I love its looser fit too, as I am planning to wear it tucked in halfway…and with a smile on my face.

classiq-massimo dutti-shirt

classiq-massimo dutti shirt (4)

classiq-massimo dutti shirt (6)

photos: by me

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