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The equestrian style is a recurrent theme on my blog. Elegant and relaxed at the same time? So you can see why. But the truth is that I don’t ride, so a total equestrian look has very little chances to become part even of my weekend wardrobe. So I like to take the style in in small doses. Accessories are a great way to do just that – enter Massimo Dutti’s dedicated collection. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted any cuff links for myself more than I want those lovely stirrup ones. In fact, it’s really hard to resist all the other pieces available in the line. I’m not overlooking the clothes either. Most of them are not necessarily riding clothes, they only bear a subtle accent (which I think I prefer), so they can be styled for day-to-day life and easily paired with items you already own. So, once again, you can channel the style without looking that you are overdoing it.
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