Mary Jo Matsumoto Fall/Winter Handbag Collection

Devoted to decadent luxury and impeccable craftsmanship, the Mary Jo Matsumoto Fall/Winter handbag collection is inspired by the lavish, gilded fall envisioned on the runways, while managing to stay true to a simplicity in lines and classic designs. It’s not an easy task, for trends and style to go hand in hand, but Mary Jo has once again proven it’s possible through her subtle approach: slight gold details, blasts of cobalt blue, rich, velvety fabrics of the finest quality leather: it says crafty and charming, not obvious and showy.

The collection is formed of the Laguna Libertine and Wilde lines. With enough joie de vivre to enjoy everyday everywhere, the Laguna Libertine collection lifts the decadent dark side of autumn to a relaxed glamour. Along with introducing new designs, like the Suede Market Tote, a modern twist on an Italian classic market bag, I admire the fact that the designer chose to work on a few models from her previous summer collection, like the vintage inspired fold over clutch and the Laguna Libertine Shopper (a favourite of mine), turning them into must-haves for fall. Therein lies the beauty of a collection in my opinion: ‘being new while remaining constant, modern without rejecting classicism’, to quote Marie Colmant and Gérard Lefort on Yves Saint Laurent in Libération (January 31, 1991).

The Wilde Collection is dedicated to Oscar Wilde, ‘one of our favorite Libertines’ as Mary Jo beautifully words it. The deep tones used here, black and fall’s most distinctive shade of blue, cobalt, call for a sophisticated and modern approach. There is no doubt how I would wear another one of my favourite bags here, the Wilde shopper: black skinny jeans, ruffled white shirt and a fitted black blazer or waist-length jacket (preferably double breasted, with shoulder and cuff straps), high-heeled black ankle boots or Isabel Marant Dicker boots, in fact a very close variation of beautiful Katie Osumi’s outfit in the Mary Jo Matsumoto lookbook.

For the complete Mary Jo Matsumoto collection, visit the online shop, and for a thorough coverage of the line and a pertinent daily infusion of fashion, visit Mary Jo’s blog, Trust Your Style.

photos: courtesy of Mary Jo Matsumoto

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