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Online shopping is convenient, it usually comes at a better price, and I am the first one to admit that there are certain items I wouldn’t find or simply wouldn’t buy anywhere else, but the tangible experience of exploring the brick and mortar shops can not be equalled in my opinion. As for discovering and visiting the local shops while away on a trip, that certainly is one of the perks of travelling. This feature was long due and I’m glad I’ve finally gotten around to write about Manufaktura, a Czech store chain carrying locally made cosmetics and homeaware, among other lovely products like stationery and wooden toys, the latter manufactured by using a Bohemian tradition that dates from the 19th century.
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The Manufaktura shops were among the places I was looking forward to revisit on our latest trip to Prague. The traditionally hand-made ceramic vase we bought the very first time we went there several years ago is still one of my favourite decorative pieces in our home, and, this time around, I still found the ceramics among the most beautiful products in store and added one more item to our collection. Their entire line of traditional homeware is beautiful and made of natural materials like clay, wood, withe, straw and linen. Then there was the one of a kind stationery: I couldn’t resist stocking up with wooden pens, each one individually crafted. What I haven’t yet tried are their cosmetics. Given the fact that I lately buy only carefully selected brands, I passed on the opportunity to try their products, but their Dead Sea cosmetics, for example, containing Dead Sea mud and salt, were very tempting.

All Manufaktura plants are based in the Czech Republic, a large part of the production is made by hand and they use recycled paper bags for packaging – all these aspects only add to my appreciation for the brand, and for any responsible brand, for that matter, that makes it one of its values to support the local economy and preserve decades, maybe centuries, old national traditions. I think I entered their shops, spread all over town, several times a day, sometimes just to browse around and take in that calm and wonderful atmosphere, tinted in rustic charm, and the beautiful display – a different decor in each store.

photos by me and for Classiq

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