Making A Statement

Statement earrings- tommy ton street style 
This is such a great photograph! Not only does it ooze summer in the city, but it speaks about what genuine street style really is about. The weathered leather tote seems like a nod to good old classic men’s style, showing that it indeed belongs to the wearer, reflecting her original (and very Italian I would say – I see her in a Prada advertisement ) personal style. Because this look is all about individuality, from the casual rolled-up sleeve shirt and the simply knotted scarf, to those statement earrings worn in such a fresh way during the day – a detail that so easily adds a bit of dressy swagger to the outfit, but, most importantly, makes it her own. That is inspiring street style, the kind that is worn well, that shows that you are aligned with something that you believe in.

photo: Tommy Ton for

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