Make Up Your Own Style

Georgina Chapman for Gap Fall 2008 ad campaign
New York Fashion Week is in full effect, but before getting to favourite collections, today I wanted to make it about something that’s far beyond seasonal trends and the fast-paced fashion of today: “Basic.Classic.Individual.” Do you remember this Gap advertising campaign from the fall/winter of 2008? The idea behind it was to “Create Your Own GAP” by mixing and matching classic pieces to build up an outfit all your own. Models, actresses, designers and fashion editors were styled to suit their personal tastes. I liked the emphasis on individuality, which weighs a lot and makes perfect sense in our days when the high-street brands (because, let’s face it, isn’t that where most of us usually shop for?) offer so little of it? It’s up to us to stamp every one of our looks as personal.
Karlie Kloss for Gap 2008 by Mikael Jansson

Clemence Poesy-Gap FW 2008 ad campaign-Mikael Jansson

Clemence Poesy Gap ad camapaign 2008 by Mikael Jansson

Julia Restoin Roitfeld-Gap FW 2008 ad campaign

Cecilia Dean-Gap FW 2008 ad campaign by Mikael Jansson

Gap FW 2008 ad campaign by Mikael Jansson-1

Gap FW 2008 ad campaign by Mikael Jansson-2

Lily Donaldson for Gap 2008 by Mikael Jansson

Liv Tyler for Gap 2008 Mikael Jansson

photos: Mikael Jansson | Gap Fall/Winter 2008 ad campaign

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