Maiyet Resort 2015: The Trouser Look

Maiyet Resort 2015 Collection 
This is, hands down, my favourite Maiyet collection to date. A well defined aesthetic, a very well structured collection. Relaxed and natural not only in terms of styles and silhouettes, but in terms of colours, too, which feels reassuring not only for Resort, but also for the modern womenswear. I’ve chosen to focus on the trousers, because I’m all for a good pair of wide-legged trousers (to be worn with heels) for summer. The first look would hold court any summer, from morning till evening, give or take the blazer. And I like the subtle nautical look below, as I like clothes which are multifunctional and which can juggle the line between elegant and casual – I think this is part of today’s luxury.
Maiyet Resort 2015 Collection

photos: | Maiyet Resort 2015

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