Madame De…(1953)

by guestwriter

Madame De… (The Earrings of Madame De…) is the last movie this month dedicated to the great Italian cineast, Vittorio de Sica. This film was directed by another European master, German-born Max Ophüls. De Sica plays the character of Donati, a key element in the love triangle of the story. Louise (Danielle Darrieux) is “Madame De…”, because she represents a typical example of the privileged class. The earrings she’s wearing for a part of the movie are like a character of its own, received as a gift from her lover, Donati, they play an important role throughout the film. Following the presentation of the female character we come to get acquainted with the Church, the symbol of upper class hypocrisy, and the Opera, where we meet Louise’s husband, played by Charles Boyer. Madame De… is fragile, brutal, compassionate and emotional all together. A chance to see one of Vittorio de Sica’s best screen appearances.

images: stills from the movie, produced by Franco London, Indus, Rizzoli

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